Does He Like Me? Find Out With This Quiz

This test is only intended to be used for entertainment purposes. This online test should not be used for diagnosis. It cannot confirm if someone actually likes you or not. Only that person can really figure out if they like someone and what they should do next.

However, you can use this test to monitor your emotions and see if your behavior changes over time. This test can show if someone might like you, but it can't give a truly accurate result.

When You Talk, Who Listens?

Think about when you're telling a story or sharing something about your day. Does he look at you and really listen? It’s like when you're telling your friends a super exciting story, and they're all eyes and ears, waiting to hear what happens next. If he pays close attention and remembers what you say, it might be a clue that he thinks you’re pretty special.

Laughter is the Best Sound

Do you two share a lot of laughs together? Maybe he tries to make you giggle with silly jokes or funny faces. It's like when you and your best friend can't stop laughing over something that nobody else gets. If you find yourselves laughing a lot when you’re together, it could mean he enjoys your company a lot.

Helping Hands

When you need help, is he there? Say you're struggling to carry something heavy or can’t reach something on a high shelf. If he’s quick to lend a hand or offer support, it's like when a teammate passes you the ball during a game because they know you'll make the shot. His eagerness to help could be a sign he cares more than you think.

It's All in the Details

Does he remember the little things about you? Like your favorite ice cream flavor or how you prefer your hair on sunny days? It’s kind of like when someone saves you the last piece of your favorite pizza. Paying attention to the small details shows he’s really interested in knowing all about what makes you, you.