Do I Have ADHD? Take Our ADHD Test Today

This online test should not be used for diagnosis. It cannot confirm if you have ADHD or not. Only a doctor or a mental health expert can really figure out what you should do next.

However, you can use this test to monitor your symptoms and help your doctor see if your behavior changes between visits. This test can show if you might have common ADHD symptoms, but it can't give a complete checkup.

You shouldn't use this test to diagnose yourself or choose a treatment on your own.

What's it Like to Focus on Tasks?

Sometimes, focusing on homework or chores can feel like trying to watch a TV show with someone constantly changing the channel. If you find it super hard to stay on task because you get easily distracted by every little thing around you, like noises or even your own thoughts, it might be something you're curious about. Everyone gets distracted sometimes, but if it happens a lot and makes schoolwork or home chores tough, it's worth thinking about.

Feeling Like You're on a Fast Train

Have you ever felt like your body is on a fast-moving train, even when you're supposed to be sitting still? Maybe your legs want to keep moving, or you find yourself tapping your pencil or fidgeting without even deciding to. It's like your body has its own energy switch, and sometimes it gets stuck on 'high'. For some folks, this is just a burst of energy, but for others, it's a daily experience.

Waiting Your Turn

Imagine playing a video game with friends, and it's really hard to wait for your turn. You might jump in too soon or find it super tough to listen to the rules before starting. If waiting in line or taking turns in conversations feels like a big challenge, and you often catch yourself interrupting others without meaning to, it's something to think about. It's normal to be excited, but consistently finding patience hard might be something you're curious about.

Big Feelings and Quick Reactions

Sometimes, emotions can feel like a rollercoaster, going from super happy to frustrated in just a few seconds. If you find that small things can set off big reactions or feelings, and it's tough to keep those emotions in check, it's something to consider. Everyone feels things deeply sometimes, but if it feels like your emotions are in the driver's seat more often than not, it could be something you're noticing about yourself.