Skin Peeling Between Toes: White, Itchy, Smells & Treatment

What causes dead skin peeling between toes? In some cases, it is itchy and smelly while in other cases it is non-itching!

Read this article to learn more about the causes, treatment, and prevention measures against peeling skin on your foot. I will also include pictures of this condition that may or may not be athletes’ foot disease.

White Dead Skin Between Toes

There are many people who have reported having white dead skin peeling between their toes. In most cases, such an experience is accompanied by several other symptoms including the development of blisters or itching.

Occasionally, it’s just circumstances of the skin becoming white and coming off to expose new underneath the skin.

What Causes the Skin to Peel in between Toes?

Here are some of the most common causes of your skin flaking between toes:

#1 Dehydration

It is in the public domain that if you don’t take adequate water, there will be the occurrence of dehydration.  Such a condition can have a direct effect will occur and this will have a direct negative effect on your skin.

What does that mean? Your skin will become very dry causing frequent peeling, particularly between your toes.

#2 Psoriasis

Although there are different types of psoriasis, there are some forms that can lead to the cracking and sometimes peeling of your skin between your toes. This is a certain skin condition grouped under eczema.

The American Academy of Dermatology claims that the cause of such a skin disorder is unknown. However, they believe your immune system can be one of the causes of such an encounter.

A number of things can trigger it including certain medications, an infection like strep throat, and stress.

#3 Cellulitis

MedlinePlus states that cellulitis is a bacterial skin infection. Your skin has different kinds of bacteria living on it.

But, in case of skin breakage, these bacteria can penetrate your body, causing inflammation and infection. Consequently, your skin can become red, irritated, hot, and painful. It can thus damage your skin by peeling or cracking between your toes.

#4 Allergy

If your skin is allergic to chlorine, which is usually used to clean water in swimming pools, then your chances of suffering from this condition are very high.

Cleaning products also contain some chemical ingredients that can make your skin peel between toes. They include certain fabrics such as socks or laundry detergents.

#5 Athlete’s Foot

This is one of the primary contributors to your skin peeling between your toes. Medline Plus states that Fungus develops and reproduces between your toes.

As a result, they cause a skin infection. This condition occurs mostly in moist and warm places, such as in the middle of your toes.

Additionally, the peeling is normally accompanied by flaky, cracked skin. It also makes the surrounding skin become itchy and red.

Other symptoms of athlete’s foot condition include crusting, oozing, blisters, stinging, or burning.

#6 Dermatitis

If you take too long to change your pair of shoes, then you are at risk of having dermatitis. It thrives in environments with high temperatures and excessive moisture.

It leads to peeling amid your toes. Inflammation and redness in the affected area are other modifications of this condition.

Explaining the Peeling According to the Color

The symptoms of peeling between your toes assume different colors. These are some of the common colors of this skin condition:

White Peeling Skin in between Toes

This color is commonly observed in tinea pedis, also known as athlete’s foot. It’s a skin rash in the middle of your toes caused by a fungus.

The affected part of the skin may look whitish and can be blistered, cracked, dry, scaly, and itchy.

This is typically not a serious condition. However, it must be stopped before it can spread to other people or to other body parts.

Its treatment normally entails the use of pharmacy-bought liquids, sprays, or creams. It also requires proper foot hygiene.

It mostly affects the lower part of your foot as illustrated in the image below:

Yellow Skin Peeling Off between Picky Toe

The skin peeling between your picky toes can turn yellow due to germ infestations. It mostly happens if you are living in moist and warm places.

These microorganisms can move in, collect themselves in one area and start spreading and growing. Such skin conditions may cause fungal diseases such as tinea, particularly in kids.

Tinea causes a variety of skin problems between toes and doesn’t all the time look the same. There could be blisters, flaky skin, or yellowish at the soles or along the sides of the feet.

It can sometimes become really itchy. It sometimes looks like a pink scaly patch.

Red Peeling Skin between Toes

The red peeling skin between your toes starts as skin lesions of erythrismal. In the beginning, it looks like well-defined red patches with scales.

But, as this infection progresses, the color turns to a scaly brown appearance. You will also see fissures. These are the symptoms of local erythema amid your toes.

Another visible thing in this area is the development of Maceration. In the most serious conditions, the damaged skin can be infected with bacteria leading to cellulitis. It makes the skin become red, hot, and swollen.

Difference between Dry Skin and Athlete’s Foot

You cannot understate the difference between dry skin and a minor athlete’s foot. That is especially if it’s a mild fungal infection.

Athletes’ foot comes in different forms based on the fungi invading your skin.

To many people, it appears like blisters and peeling, reddened skin, which begins between your toes, particularly the fourth and fifth before spreading to other body parts.

However, you can as well see it at the bottom of your feet as dry, thickened-looking skin that peels or flakes.

And, just like dry skin such as podiatrists, it can or cannot itch.

Treatment of Skin Peeling in Between the Toes

There are well-known treatment methods that can be used for skin peeling in between your toes:

a) Hydrating creams

It’s good for those with a dry skin condition and should be in all seasons of the year. You have to keep your skin hydrated to inhibit the peeling of the skin between your toes.

b) Antibiotics

Experts recommend the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics for people suffering from cellulitis. The medicine can be taken as prescribed by a physician to avoid worsening the patient’s condition.

During the treatment process, you may use probiotics to safeguard the intestinal flora.

c) Moisturizing Oil after Baths

You can protect your skin and also prevent its dehydration against the danger of peeling off by moisturizing your skin with your favorite lotion after baths.

d) Moisture-removing Products

It’s good for you if you are suffering from dermatitis. They are also called drying agents sold in the form of powder or spray.

They can help to get rid of excessive moisture, which is the primary cause of skin peeling amid your toes. While undergoing the treatment, you should change your footwear or socks more regularly.

e) Antihistamines

You should use it topically or orally when experiencing symptoms of allergy, depending on the seriousness of the peeling of your skin. But, it’s also better if you can avoid any factors that could trigger this condition to remain safe.

Pictures of Skin Peeling Off between Toes

Here is a collection of pictures, images of a condition depicting skin peeling in the middle of the toes:

itchy skin peeling between toes

What Happens to your Feet when you have Diabetes?

Uncontrolled diabetes, also known as diabetic neuropathy can harm your nerves. Such a circumstance in your feet and legs might contribute to not feeling pain, cold, or heat.

The lack of feeling in your feet is mainly due to a problem medically referred to as sensory diabetic neuropathy.

In case you fail to feel a sore or cut on your foot due to neuropathy, it’s likely that the cut can become worse leading to an infection. There could be a multi-function of foot muscles since the nerves that enable your muscles to work properly are injured.

As a result, you can end up with an improper alignment of your foot thereby putting more pressure on that part of the foot.

Research indicates that close to 10% of people suffering from diabetes develop ulcers on their feet resulting from peripheral vascular disease and nerve damage.

More on Peeling of Skin in Between Toes

Why is the Skin Peeling Between Toes Itchy

The skin peeling between your toes becomes itchy because this condition is normally accompanied by flaky, cracked skin. Thus, it makes the surrounding skin itchy and red.

It is also due to the fact that the peeling takes place between the two of your smallest toes. This is a condition called athlete’s foot that can lead to scaling, burning, and itching.

Peeling Skin Between Toes No Itching

If you have skin peeling between your toes without itching, it’s possible that the cause could be dehydration. This can be a symptom of dry skin or an infection on that the skin that may not be itchy.

If you keep your feet in tightly closed footwear for too long, they can become moist and very damp due to sweat. This can then lead to the cracking and peeling of skin in the middle of your feet without itching.

How to Get Rid of Peeling Skin between Toes

There are home natural ways to stop the peeling of skin between toes. You can apply one of the following preventive such as scrubbing the affected skin part to eliminate dead skin cells.

You can also use warm water to make your feet feel more relaxed, especially if done in the evening.

Other proven means of getting rid of this problem include the use of lemon, Epsom salt, glycerin, or vinegar to wash your feet.

Skin Peeling Between Toes and Smells

The primary condition or factor behind skin peeling between toes with a smell is a fungal infection. It is a disease with a variety of symptoms such as itchy, flaky skin between your toes as well as a red rash.

Failure to treat such a problem can make the skin crack and turn white. That leads to skin peeling that is accompanied by an unpleasant smell.