Phlebotomy Training in California: Cost, Online & Specialists

Looking for the best phlebotomy training programs in Los Angeles, Fresno, Elk Grove, Modesto, Bakersfield, etc?

In this article, I examine approved Schools that offer programs for Phlebotomy Training in California. Other cities and counties covered herein include Redding, Chico, Sacramento, Stockton, and Riverside CA.

Approved Phlebotomy Schools in California

There are a couple of prominent schools with approved phlebotomy training programs in the state of California. These institutions have accredited programs.

You can also find course offerings in such schools that can provide opportunities to take the certification exam in phlebotomy. Here is a list of these California schools:

LA Vocational Institute Phlebotomy

This college can be found at 3540 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, Suite 410. They offer the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) approved 4-week or 115-hour program.

Upon completing the phlebotomy course at the Los Angeles Vocational Institute, you have gained the much-needed extra 40 hours of experience with patient treatment to the didactic training hours at the cost of about $850 only.

Phlebotomy Classes Glendale, CA

The duration and phlebotomy classes in Glendale, CA differ from one school to the other.

If you are interested in pursuing any related course in this location, please contact one of the following local institutions for more information:

  • Platt College
  • National Career College
  • California College San Diego
  • Brightwood College
  • UEI College
  • Unitek College

Angeles College Phlebotomy

At Angeles College, the phlebotomy program can give you experience and instruction through a diversity of intrusive processes.

The procedures you will acquire here include how to draw patient blood samples but under the supervision and care of health care professionals or physicians.

Phlebotomy Training UCLA

The phlebotomy course at UCLA takes a total of 8 weeks to complete. It runs two concurrent phases, namely didactic (classroom) and clinical (hospital) phases.

Successful completion of this course can give an advantage in working with UCLA hospitals or community clinics associated with it.

However, you should be prepared to part with close to $195 in the preparation course fee and approximately $1,875 in the course fee.

AUMT Institute – The Phlebotomy School

AUMT Institute: The Phlebotomy School partners with the Murrieta Valley Adult School to offer you affordable programs for your local career education in this field.

Their course is also designed to give you an upper hand in securing a job in the Allied Health Field. If you are interested in joining this institution, register on their website for the times and dates of the classes.

Certified Phlebotomy Technician 1 Salary

Just like several other states in the US, the approximate average salary scale of a Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) 1 in California and other cities within is about $15 an hour.

However, there are associated factors that determine compensation for this group of healthcare professionals. The salary paid is influenced by the specific organization, years of experience, and residence.

Despite the fact that about one out of four CPT lack any health benefits, most of them have medical insurance cover while the majority get additional dental coverage.

Phlebotomy Training Los Angeles County

The position of Los Angeles in phlebotomy training is distinct in the City of Angels. Other than New York City, this county is ranked the second-largest State in the United States.

The certification process of phlebotomy in Los Angeles requires that for you to be certified, you must have experience gained from working in another state with strict regulations in place.

A good example of the referred county in this field is the State of California. Their training provides three main types of phlebotomy certification such as:

  1. The CPT-2. They are trained to practice or perform arterial collections, venipuncture, and finger sticks,
  2. The Certified Phlebotomy Technician-1 (CPT-1) with skills in skin matters, and
  3. The Limited Phlebotomy Technician (LPT)specialized in skin puncture blood.

This State does not train or allow phlebotomists to perform any care testing point on patients.

Free Phlebotomy Training in Los Angeles

There are core healthcare learning institutions in Los Angeles known to offer free short-term phlebotomy training classes. Most of them are online classes that have five more options to fit the programs into your schedules.

The schools include Brookline College, Fortis Institute, Metropolitan Institute of Health and Technology, and Miller-Motte Technical College among others.

Low-cost Phlebotomy Training in or near Los Angeles, CA

There are a few schools near or in Los Angeles, CA known to offer low-cost courses in phlebotomy.

If you are interested in such training programs, don’t feel shy to call all schools in this area and talk with the admissions department to know which institution has options that fit you.

Phlebotomy Training Bakersfield, CA

You are required to understand a few basics for phlebotomists before seeking a place to join colleges that offer phlebotomy Training in Bakersfield, CA.

The most advisable approach is picking an approved phlebotomy class in California. With such courses, you will be certified to practice phlebotomy in California.

Some of the common requirements include taking the training classes in this location. You will also be required to choose a suitable program amongst the three technician options for your future career prospects.

Today, there are two training programs being offered. However, there are constant changes in their schedules. Most of their courses take close to 80 hours and will cost you approximately $2,000 to complete.

Phlebotomy Training Modesto, CA

If you desire to take phlebotomy training in Modesto, CA, no need to worry because they have several options for you.

For those without any experience in this area, the basic requirements include completing a basic training of 20 hours and advanced training of 20 hours.

Additionally, you must complete 10 skin punctures and 50 venipunctures. Upon finishing all the requirements mentioned above, you will be qualified for a CPT 1 license.

Four Schools for Phlebotomy Training is one of the standard programs in Modesto, CA. They have about four training schools in this field.

The approximate time for course completion, including an externship and classroom instruction may take close to 120 hours or about 10 weeks. You will also need about $3,200 to complete the classes.

Phlebotomy Training Elk Grove, CA

To advance your phlebotomy career in Elk Grove, CA, contact local trade schools, community, and hospitals and inquire if they offer short-term or seminars in phlebotomy technical certificate programs or not.

Their programs have two major advantages, which are:

  • Low tuition cost
  • Invaluable clinical experience

The average cost for in-person or online training is between $1,500 and $3,500. Their courses are intense because they encompass priceless hands-on experience.

Phlebotomy Training Chico, CA

There is no difference in the requirements of attaining phlebotomy training in Chico CA to that in Elk Grove CA.

The cost and time taken to accomplish the course are the same including the importance given to practical experience in this field.

Their program will provide you with clinical know-how thereby enhancing your opportunity of getting a well-paying job in the city.

Phlebotomy Training Fresno, CA

Phlebotomy training in Fresno, CA offers you many great options. To become a licensed professional in this area, you must cover some kind of phlebotomy classes.

Their approved programs are currently four with each course costing almost the same, but with different schedules across the schools. These colleges also demand varying admission requirements for the programs.

Overall, these classes will cost you an average of about $2,815 and may take about 143 hours or 10 weeks to complete.

Phlebotomy Training Redding, CA

You should not be wondering where to find phlebotomy classes that can earn you a comprehensive certificate in Redding, CA. You are not required to be fully certified to secure employment in this place as a phlebotomist.

What is needed of you is to have the appropriate training for a prospective employer to hire you. However, there are differences between becoming certified, acquiring an associate’s degree, or a certificate.

Other Phlebotomy Training Areas in California

Here are more phlebotomy training areas for you in California:

Phlebotomy Training San Bernardino, CA

Phlebotomy programs at San Bernardino, CA comprised of both online and on-campus classes. Some of the famous schools offering this course in this place include American Career College and Platt College.

Those interested in online programs should consider visiting Blue Cliff College.

Phlebotomy Training Carson, CA

In Carson, CA, the job of a phlebotomist is to collect blood samples that require proper phlebotomy training. The purpose of this course is to teach you the basics in this field for your future occupation.

It’s also designed to help you have the necessary communication skills, stress management, and manual dexterity skills you need to work under pressure in different healthcare settings.

Phlebotomy Training Palm Desert, CA

Palm Desert, CA has phlebotomy programs that give you many options to have a successful profession in this field. You have a chance to choose between free or fee-based training.

If you want to have free certification and also secure employment after completing the course, you will be accepted for the free option.

Phlebotomy Training in Riverside, CA

Phlebotomy Training programs you can expect to find in Riverside, CA are about six. They are located in areas such as Moreno Valley, Redlands, and Riverside. All offered courses in this field are certified by the State of California.

These programs also meet licensing requirements of the state in phlebotomy. In or around Riverside, you will need about $2000 to have a complete course. It will take you approximately 80 hours or 8 weeks to get the certification.

Phlebotomy Training in Stockton, CA

In Stockton, CA, you can be trained in phlebotomy because it’s a requirement for phlebotomists practicing here to get proper experience and training. For one to gain employment, it is essential that they have a CPT 1 certification.

They have two programs, one offered through San Joaquin Delta College or Kaiser Permanente.

Phlebotomy Training Sacramento

To work in Sacramento as a phlebotomist, you shall be required to hold a certificate in phlebotomy under the supervision of the California Department of Public Health.

You must also pursue one certification in clinical lab scientists, nurses, and physicians to be licensed.

Phlebotomy Training Riverside CA

The class structure of Riverside Phlebotomy includes 80 hours of training, 40 hours of externship, and 40 hours in class.

You will incur a total cost of about $1710 in tuition fees and exam payments comprising of $115 for the national exam and $1595 class tuition.

Phlebotomy Training Online California

In California, there are many online phlebotomy training programs. This course is accredited and fully approved by LSF, the affiliate of the California Department of Public Health.

You can get the necessary help to obtain online Phlebotomy Technician Courses from Contra Costa Medical Career College if you have the following:

  • Working in the healthcare setting
  • Have a minimum of 10 skin punctures and 50 venipunctures real experience working with patients for the past five years.
  • Want to be an expert as a Phlebotomy Technician (CPT1).

You can visit the CDHS-LFS website, a site for the State’s approved testing agencies for more information.

Their comprehensive Basic Phlebotomy certificate obtained Online costs about $299.00 while the advanced Phlebotomy training is approximate $399.00.

Phlebotomy Training Specialists Westminster, CA

To become a specialist in phlebotomy in Westminster, CA, you must meet certain fundamental necessities. First, you should have to class in this field in Orange County.

This program takes 80 hours of National Class in Phlebotomist Training plus 40 Hour Externship and 40 Hours in Class.

The total average tuition fee for class programs including exam fees is about $1710 broken down into the national exam fee of about $115 and a class fee of approximately $1595.

But, you will be required to deposit $250 to be assured of securing a vacancy in the course of your choice.

READ MORE: Phlebotomy License Renewal in California.

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