Does Patient First Do X-Rays (Chest, Spine & Abdomen)?

Patient First is a healthcare provider that offers many services, including x-rays. Some people may wonder if Patient First offers x-rays and what they are like.

This blog post will answer those questions and provide more information about Patient First’s x-rays.

Does Patient First Do X-Rays?

Yes, all Patient First clinics do X-Ray scans for patients who fall in Tiers 2, 3, 4, and 5. You will be happy to learn that urgent care centers can do routine x-rays of the skull, abdomen, spine, and even the chest.Patient First X-ray scans

Patient First Chest X-Rays

Does Patient First do chest x-rays? Yes, you can definitely get chest x-rays at all Patient First clinics. Such x-rays help diagnose problems within the chest cavity.

Patient First X-Ray Cost

The cost of x-rays is factored in the total payment patients pay according to their tiers. The tiered pricing simplifies things in the sense that patients do not have to pay for specific types of care.

This, therefore, means the cost of x-rays is distributed as follows: $225 for tier 1, $250 for tier 2, $275 for tier 3, and 300 for tier 5.

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