Does Patient First Do STD & HIV Testing?

Patient First is a healthcare company located in the United States. It provides primary care services to individuals and families, as well as occupational health and walk-in care services.

The company also offers laboratory testing for a variety of conditions, including sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Does Patient First offer STD testing? Let’s take a closer look.

Does Patient First Do STD Testing?

Yes, Patient First offers three types of STD testing – Basic, Full, and HIV testing.

The Basic panel tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea. The Full panel tests for all the infections included in the Basic panel, plus syphilis and HIV. The HIV test is a separate test that looks for antibodies to the virus that causes AIDS.Patient First STD testing

If you’re concerned about any symptoms you may be experiencing, we recommend you visit your local Patient First center for a full evaluation.

Our medical staff can help determine which tests are right for you and provide confidential and accurate results.

Patient First STD Testing Cost

The cost varies according to the disease being tested. According to the Patient First website: Basic STD testing costs $200; Full STD testing costs $500, and HIV testing costs $275.

This has been summarized well in the table below.

Type of STD TestCost & Price
Basic STD Testing$200
HIV Testing$275
Full STD Testing$500

FAQs on Patient First STD Tests

Does Patient First test for Herpes?

Yes, Patient First is capable of testing for herpes in people who need such tests. The tests are generally part of the wide spectrum of blood tests that include blood chemistries, urinalysis, electrolytes, and foreign antibodies.


Can you rely on Patient First for STD testing? The short answer is yes. Patient First offers a variety of confidential and affordable STD screening options to help you protect your health.

Whether you’re concerned about a specific infection or just want to be routinely tested, Patient First can meet your needs. Plus, their experienced staff will make sure you feel comfortable and informed every step of the way.


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