Nortriptyline Dosage for Anxiety and Depression

Learn how to use Nortriptyline for anxiety or depression and sleep. There have been cases where people complained that the anxiety got worse whenever they use Nortriptyline.

In this article, we attempt to address the dosage aspect of this medication for fear or anxiety.

Nortriptyline Dosage for Anxiety

In this life, several issues can easily make you develop anxiety.

Some of the common factors that most of you are aware of include stress from school, work, marriage, finance, emotional trauma like the death of a friend or family member, side effects of drug abuse, or side effects of medication.

No matter the cause of anxiety, what is important is how to manage the condition so that you do not get hurt or cause injuries to your loved ones.

In recent years, scholars have been investigating and analyzing various therapies that can effectively treat the condition.

Nortriptyline is one of those drugs that have been tested and proven to be effective in treating your unrest disorder.

Healthcare scholars have demonstrated that when taken as advised by a physician, the drug can help relieve you from your anxiety.

Since all human beings of all age groups can develop the condition, doctors have come up with different prescriptions for people of varying age groups.

For instance, for individuals aged between 18-55 years, the starting dosage is usually 25mg, which is taken four times a day.

However, for those persons who are under 18 years and those who are above 56 years of age the dosage is usually low. In essence, they need to take 10mg in the morning, lunchtime, and evening.

These particular groups are advised to take a low dosage of this drug because the rate of absorption of Nortriptyline is usually lower compared to those persons who are between 18 and 55 years old.

Nortriptyline Dosage for Depression

The primary usage of Nortriptyline is to treat depression. This is the common usage that is widely known across the world by several people.

Basically, you know that depression, if left untreated or unmanaged, can be dangerous to an individual.

For instance, when an individual is deeply depressed, he or she may decide to commit suicide, which may translate into more depression for his or her family members and friends.

When you are depressed and you get to visit a doctor, he or she will first examine the level of your depression before giving the appropriate medication.

An individual who is highly depressed will receive higher doses of Nortriptyline than an individual who is lowly depressed.

High doses range from 75 mg to 125mg while lower doses are below 75 mg. But again, apart from the level of depression, the doctor considers the age of the patient before prescribing the drug.

In other words, if you are above 18 years old, you can take up a maximum dosage of 150mg in a day depending on the level of your depression.

For those patients who are under 18 years old, the maximal dosage in a single day is 70mg.  Above that dosage, an individual risks developing symptoms of overdose, which can be severe to his or her health.

Nortriptyline Reviews for Depression

If you take a look across the social media platforms, especially on the pages of the pharmaceutical companies that sell Nortriptyline, you will see the different reactions.

There are those users who have a pleasant experience with the drug, and there are those who never had a good time with the drug when treating depression.

For instance, the following are some of the reviews for nortriptyline application in the treatment and management of depression.

“I’ve been on Nortriptyline (10 mg) for over ten years and had experienced relief from my depression.”

“This medication killed my mood and motivation. It also triggered severe acid reflux. No more nortriptyline for me!”

FAQs on Nortriptyline Dosages

As much as people are now able to access numerous materials that discuss in detail the application of this antidepressant, there are still some questions that are left answered.

And, if you search on the internet, you will find those questions. Examples of the most frequently asked questions are:

Does Nortriptyline make you Hungry?

Well, not in all individuals, but in some people, the drug does cause hunger. Because of that, individuals find themselves eating more food than they used to eat in the past.

It is a side effect that should end after some time, but if the situation persists for more than a week, contact your medical doctor for more checkups and possible medication.

Does Nortriptyline make you high?

Some studies have demonstrated that large doses of this drug can make you high.

However, note that taking large dosages of any drug is dangerous to your health, and therefore, you should never make use of Nortriptyline with the intention that it should get you high.

In fact, you should only take the doses that have been prescribed to you by a professional doctor. Never, at any time should you take this medicine using the prescription that has been given to your friend or family member.

Does Nortriptyline make you gain weight?

Yes, it does. Usually, after a long period of taking this antidepressant, an individual starts to develop an abnormal appetite for sugary and fatty foods.

These foods are usually associated with weight gain, especially if you consume them in large amounts.

Therefore, it is recommended that during the period in which you are taking the drug, you try as much as possible to participate in physical activities.

The exercise will help to keep you fit and, at the same time, help reduce the chances of you becoming obese.

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