Does LensCrafters Take Walk-Ins for Eye Exams?

Walk-in eye examinations involve visiting an eye specialist such as an optometrist without a prior appointment. Many eye care facilities discourage walk-ins because eye exams require more than just the eye doctor checking your eye.

In this post, we discuss whether it is possible to have a walk-in eye exam at the LensCrafters outlets.

Does LensCrafters Take Walk-Ins?

Yes, most of the LensCrafters outlets take and accept walk-ins, but you need to call first and confirm with them.

Prior calling is important to avoid unnecessary disappointments where you walk into a nearby LensCrafters facility hoping to get direct access to the optometrist only to be told they do not accept such arrangements.

does lenscrafters take walk ins
A LensCrafters Outlet

LensCrafters Same-day Appointment

In outlets where walk-ins are not accepted, you may inquire about same-day appointments.

Same-day appointments are more reliable in terms of the care you get because you only get an appointment when it has been confirmed that the specialist will be vacant and available to attend to you.

LensCrafters does accept same-day appointments where possible. However, they always encourage patients who do not have an ocular emergency to strive and book appointments early. The next most preferred is the next-day appointment.

Why Walk-Ins and Same-day Appointments Should Be Avoided

Walk-ins and same-day appointments are discouraged at LensCrafters because they do not guarantee quality and comprehensive eye examination.

First, the convenience sought for by choosing walk-ins may not be realized because you may have to wait in queue for long while those with a scheduled appointment are attended to.

Second, since walk-ins and same-day appointments are allocated the vacant periods on the specialists’ calendars, there may be no time to do comprehensive eye exams.

This means the eye doctors may perform rushed exams, within the time frame allocated.

The above reasons explain why many LensCarfters’ optometrists require scheduled appointments.

Proper appointments result in better scheduling and planning for both the patient and the eye doctor and help with time management.

This helps both the patients and eye specialists enjoy their stay within the eyecare facilities.

For patients, properly scheduled appointments ensure that they get thorough exams, and experience shorter wait times.

For the LensCrafters eye specialists, proper scheduling ensures they have a constant flow of patients in their outlets. This also reduces cases of fatigue among the specialists that are usually caused by attending to many unscheduled walk-ins within any given day.


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