Recommended Krill Oil Dosage for Arthritis & Joint Pain

Explore the recommended krill oil dosage for human beings and dogs. In this post, I examine and outline the requisite krill oil doses for Arthritis and Joint Pain, Cats, and limits for children or adults.

This post will go further to tackle both Mega Red Krill Oil and Omega 3 Krill oil doses for inflammation, weight loss, and cholesterol.

Krill Oil Dosage for Arthritis & Joint Pain

All cells in human beings can make use of the omega essential fatty acids to control and generate inflammation.

These acids are referred to as essential because our body cannot make them, we only get them from our diet.  The body uses these fatty acids to create important hormones that control the immune system.

Therefore, by modulating or regulating inflammation and the immune system, there are reduced chances that you develop joint pains.

Krill oil is very rich in omega-3, which is the main regulator of the immune system and inflammation.  However, you should remember that not all omega-3 are modulators of inflammation.

Therefore, there is a need to monitor your dosage of Krill oil consumption.

When you have arthritis and joint pains, a dosage of three capsules of Krill oil per day is vital in managing the condition’s symptoms.

Given that the oil is processed without the juices found in fish, it is usually prepared in small capsules.

These capsules are easier to swallow and therefore, you can easily monitor the dosage and keep it at 3 capsules/day or as advised by your doctor.

Krill Oil Dosage for Dogs

Usually, it is recommended that you monitor the dosage of Krill oil that you give your dogs.  According to several veterinarians, you are supposed to give your dog a dosage or ratio of omega-6 to krill oil of 4: 1.

However, when deciding on what dosage of krill oil to give your dog, there are two essential omega-3 fatty acids values that you should observe.

  1. Ensure that you know that the caloric level of these fatty acids is usually too high. Well, if you are aware of this, then you will avoid overfeeding your dogs with krill oil. It can cause severe health problems.
  2. You must understand the primary purpose of feeding your dog with krill oil. This will help you come up with the proper dosage and will assist you to avoid overfeeding your dogs with krill oil.

Generally, if your dog is healthy, the optimal amount of krill oil to feed it should be 150mg per day. However, if your dog eats more omega-6 foods, consider increasing the quantity of krill oil you give it per day.

Also, if your dog is suffering from arthritis, joint pains, and muscle aches, increase the dosage of krill oil.

Recommended Krill Oil dosage for cats

You should give krill oil to your cats depending on their weight. For instance, for 2-4 pounds give 71mg, 5-9 pounds give 143mg, 10-14 pounds give 214mg, for 15-20 pounds give 285mg, for 20 and above pounds give 356mg.

These are the total amounts of omega-3 that you give your cats daily.

ADHD Krill oil doses in children and adults

It is recommended that give the krill oil to your children with ADHD based on their ages.

Therefore, for infants, give a minimum of 300 mg per day, for children ages 2-3 years give a minimum of 400mg per day, and those who are 4 years and above give a minimum of 600 mg per day.

For adults with ADHD, they should take a minimum of 750mg of krill oil per day. However, it is always good that you consult your doctor on the dosage of krill to use per day.

Other Krill Oil Dosage per Day

The following are other important krill oil dosages that you should be aware of as you use this oil.

Krill oil dosage for inflammation

Manage the inflammation process in your body to reduce pain by taking 300mg of krill oil per day. That should be the minimal amount of krill oil that you consume a day if you want to regulate inflammation in your body.

Krill oil dosage for weight loss

Several studies have linked weight loss with krill oil. The American Journal of Nutrition” and “International Journal of Obesity” recommend that 1.5 to 2 grams daily of krill oil can produce a weight loss of a couple of pounds in a month.

Krill oil dosage for depression

Healthcare professional has demonstrated that higher doses of krill oil, from 200 to 2,500mg per day can positively manage the symptoms of depression.

Krill oil dosage for rheumatoid arthritis

If you have rheumatoid arthritis you are advised to ingest 3 capsules of krill oil every day. That will be of great importance in reducing the severity of symptoms of this condition.

Krill oil dosage Dr. Weil & Dr. Oz opinions

Dr. Weil indicates that a daily krill dosage of 300mg is important in inhibiting inflammation and it can assist in reducing the symptoms of arthritis.

Dr. Oz states that taking a daily dose of 600 to 1000mg of krill oil can be very beneficial to your body.  It may help in managing arthritis and joint pain symptoms.

Krill oil dosage for Cholesterol & Triglycerides

Taking a daily dosage of 600gm of krill oil can assist in lowering the total cholesterol and triglycerides and increase the level of important HDL cholesterol.  So to be safe, stick to the krill oil recommended dosage.

Omega 3 Krill Oil Dosage

Omega 3 krill oil dosage for your daily consumption should not be less than 200mg. However, you should remember that too much consumption of krill oil may cause serious side effects, which may interfere with your normal health.

Therefore, you should be careful with the omega-3 dosage, if possible consult your doctor on the amount of krill oil to consume in a day.

Mega Red Krill Oil Dosage

For optimal health benefits, we are advised to take mega red krill oil every day. The dosage should be more than 200mg per day depending on the age and weight of an individual.

Excessive use of this oil may be harmful to your health, therefore always monitor your dosage levels.


Indeed, the use of krill oil is beneficial to both humans and domestic pets such as cats and dogs.

However, there is a recommended daily dosage of krill oil that must be followed to avoid overusing krill oil. Always ensure that you use the krill oil according to the prescribed doses.

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