Insurance Accepted by LensCrafters: VSP, TRICARE, Humana

Eyecare can be costly if you do not have some sort of financing from the insurance service providers.

However, we are all alive to the fact that not all insurance plans are accepted at healthcare facilities.

It is for this reason we purposed to explore and authoritatively report on the insurance financing options available for LensCrafters customers.

This article will therefore seek to determine whether LensCrafters accepts insurance plans from providers such as VSP, TRICARE, Humana, Blue Cross Clues Shield, Cigna, EyeMed, Husky, UnitedHealthcare among others.

Does LensCrafters accept VSP?

Vision Service Plan (VSP) is one of the renowned vision care health insurance company operating in the US, and helps you save hundreds of dollars on eyecare. So, is VSP accepted at LensCrafters?

Yes, LensCrafters accepts VSP for patients who have out-of-network coverage and benefits. You can therefore get the benefits as outlined on the LensCrafters website.

Therefore, LensCrafters will not take VSP if the insurance holder is signed up for in-network benefits only.

LensCrafters customers would have to only pay for the out-of-pocket expenses because the organization minimizes the hassle of customers having to fill reimbursement form in order to get their benefits.

This goes a long way to show that the cooperation between LensCrafters and VSP is one of the best in the vision care and health insurance industry.

Does LensCrafters accept TRICARE?

TRICARE Insurance is health program for the uniformed servicemen such as the military, police service and firefighters. It also covers the servicemen’s families and retirees wherever they may be across the globe.

Now, does LensCrafters take TRICARE health insurance plans?

Yes, LensCrafters customers can now take advantage of the successful cooperation the company has with TRICARE that guarantees huge savings on eye care costs, especially concerning the cost of acquiring eye wear such as glasses, frames, lenses and contact lenses.

This therefore means TRICARE members get the opportunity to access high quality and innovative eye health care available on the market today.

LensCrafters highlights the numerous benefits of their collaboration with TRICARE for the members, which include:

  1. Unmatched Quality standards
  2. On-site doctors for easier access
  3. Unparalleled technology such as AccuFiT and Clarifyesm
  4. Online shopping enables beneficiaries to order the products conveniently
  5. stress-free billing where LensCrafters takes care of everything
  6. Life-long customer promise – customers get unlimited adjustments and cleanings.

How TRICARE Works at LensCrafters

In order to benefit from the TRICARE program, the clients/patients can follow three main steps, which are:

  1. Identify suitable location
  2. Schedule an eye exam with an optometrist
  3. Visit the practitioner for a one-on-one engagement and prescription

It should be noted that the benefit accessed by a TRICARE member may vary from one location to another

LensCrafters Coupons for TRICARE Beneficiaries

One extra advantage of having the TRICARE cover is that one may be eligible for coupons and discounts that result in even more savings on out-of-pocket expenses.

Some of the available coupons here include:

  • 35% off glass frames
  • As low as $50 for single vision lenses
  • $40 Co-pay for polycarbonate glasses
  • 20% off premium and non-premium lenses

Does LensCrafters accept Humana?

Yes, LensCrafters has active collaboration with Humana Insurance group, which guarantees savings for clients/patients covered by the Humana Vision Insurance program for purchases made both online and in-store.

Clients can use the Humana Vision Insurance plan by following the steps below.

  1. Accessing the eligible benefits section of the LensCrafters website
  2. Browsing the LensCrafters catalogue to learn of the available out-of-pocket expenses
  3. Buying the products in-store or online thereby redeeming huge savings except for the manageable out-of-pocket expenses

Does LensCrafters accept Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Yes, LensCrafters accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield vision insurance plans on in-store purchases only. This, therefore, means the customer would have to pay for the out-of-pocket expenses only.

This further means that online purchases are not covered by the Blue-Cross Blue Shield vision insurance plan.

Does LensCrafters accept Cigna?

Yes, LensCrafters accepts Cigna insurance for members who have registered for the out-of-network plan only.

All one needs to do is to scan the receipt and mail the original copy to Cigna to wait for the reimbursement of the money spent at LensCrafters store.

LensCrafters Care Credit

CareCredit may not be considered a type of vision insurance per se, but it is nonetheless a form of financing that allows beneficiaries to make purchases for prescribed and non-prescribed health products on credit.

Now, does LensCrafters take CareCredit?

Yes, LensCrafters accepts CareCredit as a payment method in most of the retail outlets in the US.

Does LensCrafters accept EyeMed?

Yes, LensCrafters has partnered with EyeMed insurance to ensure signed-up members make savings when they shop for prescribed eyewear from the LensCrafters store outlets.

It is recommended that you do due diligence to find out what out-of-pocket expenses you would have to incur.

One advantage you would have at LensCrafters with EyeMed insurance is that you can make savings at both online and in-store outlets.

Does LensCrafters accept Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Yes, LensCrafters does accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans for in-store purchases only for those who registered with the in-network programs.

Does LensCrafters accept Husky Insurance?

Yes, clients who have active Husky vision insurance plans are covered whenever they shop for eyewear and lenses from the LensCrafters stores only.

The process of reimbursement or subsidy is similar to other insurance plans


Other Acceptable Insurance Plans

Since there are many insurance providers in the US, some of which are comparatively small and new, it may not be practical to address each one’s eligibility independently.

Therefore, this section provides a general outlook of the various acceptable plans according to the respective grouping.

LensCrafters groups vision insurance benefits or eligibility into three main groups of acceptance namely: both in-store and online; in-store only; and out-of-network.

For both in-store and online purchases, LensCrafters accepts insurance plans such as EyeMed Plus Provider, Aetna, Ameritas, Blue View Vision, GEHA, Optima Health, and Tufts Health Plan among others.

For in-store purchases only, LensCrafters accepts insurance plans such as MES. superior Vision, Emblem Health, Community Eye Care, Primera Blue Cross, Davis Vision, Culinary Vision and NVA Insurance.

For the out-of-network programs, LensCrafters accepts MetLife in addition to the VSP and Cigna already discussed in this article.

Does LensCrafters accept NVA Insurance?

Yes, LensCrafters accepts NVA Insurance for in-store purchases only. Therefore, those looking for out-of-network coverage  should find other alternatives because in that case NVA would not be helpful.

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