Does CityMD Do PPD (TB & Tetanus) Test?

PPD tests are used to determine whether one suffers from Tetanus or Tuberculosis. These tests come in handy for those who want to travel and can help determine whether travelers need to be immunized before they travel.

In this article, we inform you whether CityMD clinics do PPD (Tetanus, Tuberculin) tests.

Does CityMD Do PPD Tests?

Yes, CityMD urgent care clinics do PPD tests. If you are planning to travel and are in need of a PPD test confirmation certificate, just walk into the nearest CityMD clinic and they will do it for you swiftly.

CityMD PPD Test Cost

You may be wondering how much PPD tests cost at CityMD facilities. Well, you will be happy to hear that in most of these facilities, PPD tests cost $20 per visit.

For a regular 1-step PPD test, you will make 2 visits whereas 2-step PPD tests will involve 4 visits.

This, therefore, means the total cost for PPD tests at CityMD clinics is $40 for a 1-step PPD test and $80 for a 2-step PPD test.

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