Does CityMD Take Fidelis Care Insurance?

Fidelis health insurance covers a variety of medical procedures including diagnosis, testing, and treatment. Fidelis has increasingly become acceptable in many urgent care clinics.

In this article, we explore whether it is possible to use Fidelis at CityMD urgent care clinics.

Does CityMD Accept Fidelis?

Yes, CityMD urgent care clinics now accept Fidelis Care insurance plans for diagnosis, testing, treatment, and medication procedures.

You should however note that, as is the case with other insurance providers, this may vary from one location to another.

How To Use Fidelis Care at CityMD Clinics

  • First, determine whether the insurance is accepted at your location.
  • Once that is determined, just inform the clinic that payment will be covered by the insurance.
  • The clinic staff will then calculate and inform you of the amount you need to pay out of pocket.
  • After the treatment/diagnosis, the urgent care clinic will then bill the insurance provider directly.

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