Does CityMD Take Appointments or Walk-Ins?

Some healthcare facilities require that one makes an appointment in which they book a session with the physician in advance. In this post, we give an answer to the question of whether it is necessary to make an appointment at CityMD.

Does CityMD Take Appointments?

No, CityMD does not take appointments. They are a walk-in clinic. However, they urge patients to arrive early in the day as the wait time does get progressively longer as the day goes on.

Does CityMD Give Referrals

Referrals involve the transfer of care from one facility to another facility or to a specialist. Proper referral involves sending progress notes and other test results to the new care provider.

Can CityMD Give Referrals? Yes, CityMD gives specialists referrals together with the respective progress notes and test results.

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