Best Shoes for Arthritis in the Big Toe: Top-rated Reviews

If you experience inflammation and swelling on top of your big toe joint caused by arthritis, then wearing shoes can be a real challenge.

Therefore, you would need to look for shoes that guarantee improved protection from stiffness or pain after whenever you bend the joint of your big toe.

The best arthritis shoes should be able to protect you from both limitus and rigidus conditions resulting from arthritis in the toes.

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Several shoe brands meet the qualities of what can be considered suitable shoes for arthritic toes. Some of the best brands to consider are:

1. Dr. Comfort Refresh Extra Depth Therapeutic Shoe

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Dr. Comfort Refresh Extra Depth Therapeutic shoe is suitable for arthritis in the big toe because it is designed to cater to shock and pressure generated by your foot.

The upper part of this shoe is designed with a dull green lather compatible with sued.

The shoe is made of a quality fabric that protects your entire foot from irritation that can develop too painful blisters.


  • The shoe contains a quality rubber sole that makes it flexible with reduced overall weight.
  • It is of quality offer arch support technology with improved performance and durability.
  • The shoe provides active and 100% comfortable motion technology.
  • It is a breathable mesh that can allow airflow to your feet.
  • This shoe is available in three colors.
  • The brand is suitable to keep your foot from shock or any form of pressure while walking or running.


  • Its prices are relatively high

2. Altra Olympus 2 Trail Running Shoe

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Altra Olympus 2-Trail running shoe is the best option for the athletes because of its design with a white toe box to give your foot enough space.

This shoe is designed with an inner sole of a dual-density to ensure an easy performance during your most challenging activities.


  • It is designed with a white toe box that gives your foot enough space.
  • The shoe is made of quality material with a breathable mesh to ensure an airflow into your foot and to prevent bad smell.
  • Contain a quality and dense form padding to provide cushioning of your foot
  • It has a rubber outsole that provides comfort while walking.
  • It is 100% lather hence more durable.
  • It is made of an EVA footbed that allows replacement.
  • The lace-up closure guarantees you a secure fit.


  • These shoes become large sometime while using.

3. Vionic Walker Arthritis shoes for Big Toe

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Vionic Walker arthritis shoes are the best shoe to promote your foot with quality stability.

In case you are suffering from arthritis in your big toe, this is the best option to cater to your condition.

It has the rubber sole with a mesh upper that promotes the performance and durability of Vionic Walker arthritis in your big toe.


  • These shoes are durable and suitable for use.
  • It is contoured to promote your foot with quality stability
  • It is effective for running due to its rubber sole that provides comfort and a sponge-like feature.
  • It has a mess on the upper part of the shoe to allow airflow hence preventing bad smell.
  • This shoe provides an amazing white toe box suitable for arthritis conditions.
  • It can provide arch support to your foot.
  • It has a dual-density inner sole and soft padding to provide comfort to your foot.


  • The shoes have been reported to enlarge after years of usage.
  • It is relatively expensive.

4. New Balance Walking Shoe 928 – With Full Grain Leather

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In case you are looking for 100% medical approved shoe, the New Balance Walking Shoe 928 is the best option for you.

This shoe is designed with full-grain leather on the upper part to promote the performance and durability of these shoes.


  • Designed with a high-quality midsole to absorb all the shocks either when standing or running.
  • It has a rollbar that ensures the stability of your shoes.
  • It contains a dual-density foam that ensures the comfort of your foot.
  • The shoes are medically approved for arthritis relief in the big toe.
  • It contains a breathable mesh on the upper side for a nice airflow.


  • Its lather is relatively difficult to clean.

5. Mizuno Wave Rider 21

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For the comfort of your big toe and relief for arthritis, Mizuno Wave Rider 21 is the best shoes for your choice.

It contains an inner sole that can easily be interchanged to promote your foot comfort.


  • The shoes are suitable for big toe arthritis because it provides a great cushioning to your foot.
  • It has a white toe box
  • These shoes are effective in supporting the arch of your foot.
  • It has a mess on top for good aeration hence preventing bad smell.
  • It has a rubber sole that provides comfort while walking or running.


  • Some users complain that the shoe prizes are high

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