Does Aspen Dental Accept Medicaid or Medicare?

Dental care at Aspen Dental clinics may be costly for those who do not have insurance cover. It is for this reason that people may want to know if federal insurance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid may be used here.

Federal Insurance Plans for Dental Care

The US government has for long supported two major insurance covers for their population namely the Medicaid (for vulnerable populations) and Medicare (for the elderly).

Does Aspen Dental Accept Medicaid?

No, unfortunately, Aspen Dental does not work with Medicaid, and customers are advised to work with other available insurance covers from private insurance providers

Does Aspen Dental accept Medicare?

No, Aspen Dental does not work with the government-funded Medicare program, thus making it impossible for qualified beneficiaries are unable to take advantage of the benefits of the insurance program.

However, the clinics have put in place measures to ensure that the elderly gain some advantages even when they are not covered by private insurance cover providers.

Why Medicare and Medicaid are not accepted at Aspen Dental

Several reasons can be used to explain why certain private dental care provides may not work with both Medicare and Medicaid.

The successful collaboration between dentists and such federal insurance programs would first necessitate streamlining the various hurdles faced in the care provision.

Some of the reasons why dentists do not accept Medicaid and Medicare are:

#1. Delayed reimbursements

Federal insurance programs such as Medicaid and Medicare tend to lag far behind the private insurance cover providers insofar as reimbursements are concerned.

Therefore, this means the dentists suffer delayed payments for the services rendered to those covered by such federal programs partly because of the inherent bureaucracy within the government

#2. Administratively Costly

Government bureaucracy during the administration of the federal insurance programs may also be a factor that is considered by the dentists.

The process of checking the credentials as well as processing claims of the covered beneficiaries requires dedicated staff.

Hiring dedicated staff to handle the administrative processes may end up being costly for the dental care providers thus negating any benefits such an arrangement would have for the dentists.

Alternatives to Medicare/Medicaid financing at Aspen Dental Clinics

What options do those who have Medicare, but not any other acceptable cover do when they visit Aspen Dental?

Well, Aspen Dental, according to their website, has put in place to ensure that their services remain accessible and affordable for everyone.

Therefore, there exist measures to shield clients from paying high dental care fees.

#1 Free or subsidized offers

If you are a new customer, you can take advantage of the free comprehensive exams and X-rays. You have nothing to lose by undergoing free check-ups.

In fact, the recommendations may help you decide whether you wish to continue with the journey to a healthy mouth in the same facility.

#2 Take Advantage of the Aspen Dental peace of Mind Promise program

Under this program, you get a clear and detailed estimate of the cost of treatment plans. With this information, you can then make suitable financing arrangements.

#3 Use alternative insurance service providers

Aspen Dental accepts many insurance covers from private insurance cover providers such as:

  1. Access Dental Network
  2. Ameriplan
  3. Basix Dental Discount
  4. Carrington International
  5. Delta Dental

You can find a detailed list of the acceptable insurance providers for Aspen Dental in this article.

NB: If you do not have insurance or have a bad credit history thus making it hard to access suitable dental care financing then you can always contact a local Aspen Dental office to have something arranged for you.

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