Does Aspen Dental Take Insurance?

Dental care at many dental care facilities can be expensive for most people.

Therefore, some, if not many, dentists and dental care providers collaborate with insurance providers and third-parties to help reduce the finance load for clients.

Aspen Dental accepts Insurance plans and third-party payments for some of the services provided in their facilities.

Some of the acceptable insurance plan providers have been discussed here below. Well, what kind of insurance does Aspen Dental accept?

Delta Dental Insurance

Does Aspen Dental take Delta dental insurance?

Yes, Delta Dental Insurance plans are accepted at most of the Aspen Dental practice facilities near you.

Among the many things covered by the insurance plan, patients who have signed up with this insurance provider get a free exam that would otherwise cost $19.

Guardian Insurance

Does Aspen Dental accept Guardian insurance for the dental care service at the practice outlets?

Yes, for patients signed up with Guardian Life Insurance company, Aspen Dental provides subsidized care services in many of the outlets.

Humana PPO Insurance

Does Aspen Dental accept Humana Insurance?

Yes, Humana Insurance is acceptable at Aspen Dental facilities in most parts of the country. All one has to do is ensure they have properly updated their insurance records.

MetLife Insurance

Is MetLife insurance accepted at Aspen Dental clinics?

Yes, Insurance plans by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) are accepted at Aspen Dental clinics. This plan can help patients make up to 100% savings on exams and x-rays.


Does aspen Dental accept Aetna Insurance? Yes, Aetna Insurance plans are accepted at aspen dental clinics, and they may be used to cover all aspects of dental care.

Patients are guaranteed to save the costs associated with X-rays and the fee charged for the initial examinations.

Blue-Cross Blue-Shield Dental

Does Aspen Dental take Blue-Cross Blue-shield?

Yes, Blue-Cross Blue-Shield dental insurance plans are accepted at Aspen Dental practice facilities.


Does Aspen Dental Work with federal programs such as Medicaid?

No, unfortunately, Aspen Dental does not accept Federal programs such as Medicaid, and this has been discussed in detail in another article available here.

Summary – Aspen Dental Insurance accepted.

The table below summarizes what kind of insurance Aspen Dental does accept

Insurance Plan ProviderAccepted
Geha InsuranceYes
Guardian InsuranceYes
United ConcordiaYes

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