Amitriptyline Dosage for Migraines & Headaches

Learn the recommended doses for using amitriptyline for persistent headaches and migraines.

Apart from the recommended doses, this article will further outline how amitriptyline works to reduce headache pain, and the time it will take for a person to feel relieved.

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Can I use Amitriptyline for Headaches and Migraines?

Yes, the drug has been studied by several scholars across the globe, and the findings indicate that it can effectively heal headaches as well as migraines.

The drug was first discovered to have anti-headache properties in 1964 by Lance and Curran.

The drug has since then been found to have the ability to influence our body’s capacity to make use of norepinephrine and serotonin.

While everyone at one time experiences headaches either due to depression or any other reason, migraine usually affects children.

Migraine is a neurological condition that is characterized by headache pain and pulsating, which in some cases are accompanied by sensitivity to noise and light, vomiting, and nausea.

A study by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center professionals of 2016 demonstrated that the application of amitriptyline is indeed effective in treating both chronic and episodic migraines.

Similarly, concerning headaches, it was found that the drug effectively lowered the number of headache days in most participants.

How Amitriptyline works to ease Headaches

This mechanism of action of this antidepressant is that it targets elevating the extracellular levels of serotonin neurotransmission. That happens through its capacity to inhibit serotonin re-absorption into the presynaptic cell.

In essence, this drug falls under two classes of drugs – SSRIs and SNRIs. It is an SSRI – selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, and at the same time, it is a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor – SNRI.

Therefore, whenever you are experiencing headaches, and decide to take this drug, the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine are significantly increased hence treating your condition.

Amitriptyline Dosage for Headaches

Taking Elavil- 10mg twice a day- in the morning and in the evening can aid in the treatment of your condition.

Even so, it is good to remember that different individuals may be given different doses, based on the seriousness of their condition.

Therefore, it is good that you get an official medical prescription from a professional doctor to avoid consuming the drug in the wrong dosages, which can be dangerous to your health.

By saying that, I mean for example if your kin or friend was or is suffering from headaches and he or she has been issued with a specific dose to take, that dose may definitely not work for your case if you also suffer from the same condition.

In most instances, people do assume and start taking this antidepressant using the prescribed doses of their loved ones.

Remember, taking the wrong dose of this agent may adversely affect your health. Always seek medical assistance for you to receive the right Elavil dosages.

Amitriptyline Dosage for Migraines

Depending on the age and the severity of your condition, you may be advised to take the following doses for effective restoration of your health.

Amitriptyline 10mg for migraines

A 10mg dose of this antidepressant is usually the starting dose when you have been discovered to be suffering from migraines.

Based on the doctor’s prescriptions, you may be asked to increase this dose to higher levels but never do it if you have not been advised to do so.

For optimal results, it is recommended that you take this dosage every night before you go to sleep.

Amitriptyline 20mg for migraines

When a doctor has examined you, and he or she has found out that you are suffering from a severe type of migraine he or she most probably will tell you to take 20mg of this drug.

This dosage level will aid in the fast elevation of serotonin to ease the pain caused by migraines.

Amitriptyline 25mg for migraines

After the 5th day of you taking 10mg of Elavil, you are expected to increase the dosage to 25mg.

However, that should only happen if the doctor recommends it, if the previous dosages have failed to treat the condition and if there are no side effects that have been reported.

Amitriptyline dosage for migraine prophylaxis

Taking 50 to 100 mg of this drug a day can effectively help in the treatment of this condition. However, before settling on an appropriate dose, ensure that your doctor has examined you well.

If possible, request for their professional certificates to authenticate that they are indeed qualified to prescribe that drug to you.

How long does amitriptyline take to work for migraines?

After taking this drug according to the prescription issued to you by the doctor, you will start to experience some change after seven days or sometimes up to two weeks.

However, according to most scholars, this drug will effectively treat our condition after seven weeks.

Amitriptyline Migraines Side Effects

After taking this drug for some days, you may experience some changes in your body, an indication that your body is negatively responding to amitriptyline.

For instance, you may experience excessive vomiting or nausea, nightmares, tiredness, constipation, increased sweating, and dry mouth.

Alternative to amitriptyline for migraines

If you visit a hospital and they do not have amitriptyline, you should remain calm because other agents have been tested and proven to be effective in treating migraines.

Some of those agents include nortriptyline, protriptyline, and doxepin.  These agents do not only treat your condition, but they also have fewer side effects.

Amitriptyline for Migraines Weight Gain

Does Amitriptyline cause weight gain? Yes, according to numerous scholars across the globe, amitriptyline does increase your weight after using it.

However, that can only be facilitated if you are eating unhealthily and not actively participating in doing physical exercise, especially during the period you are taking this medication.

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