Does Affordable Dentures do Payment Plans & Insurance?

Affordable Dentures& Implants is a renowned dental care organization with branches in many parts of the US. It is naturally expected that they have a variety of options for customers who wish to pay for their services.

Learn more about Affordable dentures payment options and plans by reading this article.

Does Affordable Dentures have Payment Plans?

Yes, Affordable Dentures has adopted a variety of payment options for customers to ensure that everyone accesses the care they need conveniently.

With a diversified menu of payment options, customers are empowered to be able to access the dental care services conveniently.

The acceptable payment options have been discussed in the next section.

Accepted Payment Options and Plans

If you wish to pay for any of the services offered at Affordable Dentures outlets, you may want to consider options such as:

  • Dental Insurance
  • Medicaid
  • CareCredit
  • Proceed Finance
  • Third-party Financing

Dental Insurance

Quick Question: Does Affordable Dentures take insurance?

Quick Answer: Yes, if you are registered with any of the health insurance companies that cover dental care, you may be eligible for dental insurance financing.

In this payment plan, the client (you) signs up for a health insurance policy package that covers dental care.

When the time comes and you need to pay for dental care services, the insurance provider would step in to clear or subsidize the cost of care incurred at Affordable Dentures.

You can always check whether the insurance cover you have is acceptable at Affordable Dentures by visiting or calling the nearest facility to inquire from them.

For anyone who would like to make some savings while using the insurance plan, the Affordable Dentures staff can help you get set up.

The assistance would come in form of the provision of the “walk-out” statement to facilitate your own individualized and independent failing of the insurance claim form.


Medicaid is a federal insurance program for adults that is implemented at the state level.

At Affordable Dentures, one can easily reap the benefits of the Medicaid program as long as they meet certain state-specific conditions.

For more on this, you can read the article where we highlight the states where Affordable Dentures practices and clinics accept Medicaid financing.


CareCredit comes in handy for those who want to pay for healthcare costs that are not covered by insurance, and which should be paid using out-of-pocket means.

All customers have to do is apply for a credit card at the CareCredit website portal. It should be noted that not all of the Affordable Dentures outlets may accept the CareCredit Plan.

It is also advisable to consult the facilities that accept the CareCredit payment plan and learn of the terms and conditions governing its use.

Proceed Finance

For those who may not have ready cash to pay for the out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, Proceed Finance provides flexible loans.

The good thing with Proceed Finance is the fact that their loans are flexible to the customers’ budgets.

Proceed Finance provides an efficient online application process characterized by clear and concise documents to enable you to make financial decisions promptly.

Third-Party Financing

In this payment plan, Affordable Dentures, through its affiliates, establishes partnerships with third-party entities who can then pay for the healthcare cost incurred by some of the patients.

Some of the third-party entities include VA Medical Center, Retirement home facilities, nursing homes, and social service organizations.