Does Affordable Dentures accept Medicaid?

Dental healthcare issues affect people of different social classes and ages. Therefore, those affected may be eligible for the various federal and private health insurance programs.

This article, therefore, explores whether one can use Medicaid at Affordable Dentures.

The short answer is: Yes, Affordable Dentures accepts Medicaid for some of the patients in some of the affiliated facilities throughout the United States, subject to the coverage conditions in those states, as outlined here below.

Affordable Dentures facilities that accept Medicaid

Affordable Dentures & Implants states, on their website, that the acceptance of Medicaid as a form of payment/financing varies from one facility to another.

As such we have gone an extra step to set up save you the hassle of determining the facilities you can visit to take advantage of the benefits of this unique federal program and save on your dental care costs.

Remember, it is always easier to search the facilities starting with your state and, if necessary, the neighboring states as long as the facilities are accessible to you.

Table showing some of the facilities that accept Medicaid

ArkansasConway Denture Care Center
AlabamaFort Payne Denture Care Center
New YorkRochester Denture Care Center
PennsylvaniaHarrisburg Denture Care Center
CaliforniaYuba City Denture Care Center*
CaliforniaVallejo Denture Care Center*
CaliforniaRedding Denture Care Center
CaliforniaBakersfield Denture Care Center


  1. The starred (*) facilities also accept Medicare Advantage
  2. In California, Medicaid cover for dental care is also known as DentiCal.

Services covered by Medicaid at Affordable Dentures

Those who qualify for Medicaid cover will likely have a variety of services covered as long as the specific facilities provide for the same.

Services covered here include:

  1. Routine and complex tooth extraction procedures
  2. Full-set, single and partial dentures
  3. Gold Denture Crown
  4. Repairs and relines
  5. Implants and Denture Stabilization
  6. X-rays and Consultations

Commonly accepted Medicaid plans

In most of the Affordable Dentures & Implants facilities, the acceptable plans are:

  • MCNA
  • Delta Dental Smiles
  • DentiCal (for California state)

Who qualifies for Medicaid Cover at Affordable Dentures?

While the state regulations may vary from one state to another concerning who and what is covered by Medicaid, several groups are eligible for this cover at Affordable Dentures.

These groups include:

  • Eligible low-income adults
  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly adults
  • children and teenagers
  • People living with disabilities


  • 1: Fees and Payment Methods – Affordable Dentures & Implants

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