I Accidentally took 1000 mg Naproxen – What should I do?

You might be wondering what is it about naproxen that could accidentally take 1000 mg per day? This is the question you have to ask yourself if you take it orally.

When you take a higher dosage of it, you might see certain side effects such as stomachache, gastric pain, constipation, headache, diarrhea, blurring vision, nausea, dizziness, heart attack, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, liver disease, and many others.

Many people who were taking this stuff unintentionally have reported these kinds of side effects.

In fact, this might be the reason why many doctors have issued warnings that prescription medications should not be taken in higher doses than recommended.

The reason why some people are on drugs that are supposed to be taken only for the short term is because of the side effects.

This is because they are under the impression that the drugs do not pose any serious health risks. Some of them go back to their regular drug of choice when they see those annoying side effects.

Unfortunately, the drug manufacturers have this information already and they can easily adjust their products according to what is going to be the solution.

It is unfortunate because sometimes people are the ones to take a bigger risk by taking too much of it.

If you are on a long term treatment program and your body starts to experience side effects, it is your responsibility to take it to your doctor immediately.

You will need to let him know if the side effects you have experienced are happening because of the medication or if it is your own negligence.

Many people are now recommending herbal supplements to avoid those problems. This is because of the new breakthroughs in alternative therapies and medicine.

Now, many of them have found the use of natural ingredients to treat illness and to cure even chronic illnesses. If you are experiencing side effects, you might want to try a natural supplement to help you.

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